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We offer ceramic gas logs and fireplace inserts with the option of remote electronic ignition controls. Gas fire logs are man-made, artificial logs (fake logs) made for use in gas fireplaces or fire pits. Large selection of gas logs available for pick up or installation. Gas logs inserts can be purchased as logs only or as complete sets, most available in 15"- 42". We carry R.H. Peterson gas logs, and other US manufacturers of gas logs.

american oak
American Oak Gas Logs

Burnt Heritage Oak Gas Logs

Burnt Rustic Oak Gas Logs

Burnt Split Gas Logs

Cedar Gas Logs


Charred Cedar Gas Logs


Charred Forest Oak Gas Logs


Charred Majestic Oak Gas Logs


Charred northern oak
Charred Northern Oak Gas Logs


Charred Oak Gas Logs


Charred Oak Stack Gas Logs


Charred red oak
Charred Red Oak Gas Logs


Charred Royal English Oak Gas Logs


Charred rugged split oak
Charred Rugged Split Oak Gas Logs


Charred Split Gas Logs









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